A very charming and unusual 1920’s desk telephone sporting a solid brass pedestal and makers badge.  The telephone has the appearance of an American, Canadian and British combination.

The bell receiver is finished in Ebonite with an Ebonite ear cap. The transmitter or mouthpiece has a badge marked “The B-R Elec.&Tel.MFG.CO  KANSAS CITY.MO”

B-R Electric Co. and Kansas City Telephone Manufacturing Co. of Portland Oregon merged in 1903 to form B-R Electric & Telephone Manufacturing Co.   B-R continued to market its telephones using the Kansas City (K-C) brand name. 

The telephone stands on a heavy cast iron base plate fitted with a new India rubber furniture protector. 

The long failed internal carbon transmitter has been replaced with an electronic inset for good speech performance.  The detachable horn mouthpiece is formed of Ebonite which pre-dates early plastics. 

Fully cleaned and polished, the telephone has been thoroughly serviced and re-wired where necessary to ensure good overall performance. 

The dark walnut bell box is fitted with a 4 foot long brown cloth interconnecting cord. 

The box itself has been carefully restored, a time consuming effort as was in poor condition to start with. The result is very pleasing and both the unit and its harmonised bells perform very well.  A 7 foot cloth covered line cord is fitted with a BT plug ready to plug in and use.

This delightful telephone is covered with a 2 year warranty. 

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A 1920’s Candlestick Telephone with brass body

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